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About Me

I'm Abishek Aditya. My friends call me sometimes. I love to learn new programming languages and doodle. I like to write too when the mood strikes

I primarily use Ruby for scripting, .NET for GUI development, Python for scientific stuff and Rails for back-end.

My front-end skills need some oiling as you can see. I have dabbled with designing and Game development but I am relatively inexperienced in these fields.

I am currently learning Rust, Compiler Design and after learning functional programming with Haskell and Clojure I am going to be tackling some intermediate and advanced functional patterns and concepts

You can contact me via email

24 Projects

My resolutions for 2017 include less lazing around and more practical work. So I promised myself that I will create at least 24 Github Projects this year.

They may be stupid and pointless but they are mine.

You can follow the status of 24 Projects in the 1st Project -> here


2017 Wishlist

Design Corner

I have forced myself to brush up my design knowledge and continue to learn. Here you can see one or two of my current design related work

Rails Info-graphic